Red River Trivia is a Fargo exclusive trivia company. It is a small business and required specific needs for a new brand. The brand had to accommodate social media use and print media use. I designed an event flier, a business card, drink voucher, answer sheet, pen, apparel, and a facebook banner. I designed a unique cityscape of the Fargo-Moorhead area. I selected a bright red to contrast a rich black. I chose to go with evening-like colors to represent the common time of day for trivia events. I also used the river to form an upside-down question mark. The logo represents an evening event exclusive to the Red River area.


As a small business, RRT relied on their social media presence to spread awareness about their events. Before the they hired me, their facebook business page confused viewers. I designed a banner to help viewers understand where and when they could expect trivia events while remaining true to the brand.

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