Restructuring and creating a content strategy was my main project while working for the Harlem Arts Festival. I sent a survey to each staff member to discern their biggest challenges. The survey revealed funding and awareness were their biggest challenges. I started by defining clear goals. The goals were supported by practical tasks and measurable progress. My research into arts funding indicated individual donations were the best way to earn sustainability. I designed a content strategy focused on unique page views. Product awareness plus individual engagement equals donations. At an all departments meeting, I showed the following presentation.

Awareness among the community was a challenge for HAF. As a non-profit organization, they had a limited advertising budget. I wanted to encourage mobile use to increase social sharing.I came up with the sticker campaign. The stickers were placed in public art spaces and advertised exclusive content. Exclusive content was meant to bolster curiosity in pedestrians. The goal was to make people aware of HAF and be more likely to attend events and get involved.

When I started at HAF the first problem I had to solve was a disorganized site. The site loaded slowly because of uncompressed files. Without clear goals, the site was overloaded with information without clear paths to pages of interest. As a result, the site had a high bounce rate. Using the goals I established, I restructure the site to best support the organization. I deleted unnecessary large photos and compressed important photos and videos. I organized the site and reduced the bounce rate and increased unique page views.